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Ancient History: Adam to Messiah Ebook

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Seven Unit Studies in one Combined Volume!

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Ancient History: Adam to Messiah is a chronological history unit study designed for multi levels grades 4-12 (although many are using for all ages). It includes Bible, history, geography, literature, government, composition, agriculture, religion, science, economics, and more. The lessons are full and require minimum preparation.

The first goal of this book is to inspire students to become “hearers and doers” of God's Word and to encourage them to search the Scriptures and apply them to everyday situations. The second goal is to teach students a love of learning that will last a lifetime. This collection of seven unit studies covers a time frame from Creation through the time of Christ in two unique ways:

  1. This book’s focus is on Bible history, as opposed to most ancient-history studies (even many Christian-based texts), which concentrate on the pagans in ancient times, ignoring God's people. For example, in this book's Ancient Egypt Unit the focus is on Joseph, Moses, the Exodus, and God's people (rather than on the pyramids and gods of Egypt). Our Ancient Greece and Rome units focus on the Israelites fighting against idolatry under Greek and Roman rule (rather than on Greek mythology and Roman gods). We also include an in-depth unit study of Ancient Israel.
  2. This book is much more than a basic history study: It is a thematic unit study. You will lead your student(s) chronologically on a fascinating journey through the Bible as they learn to study, write, research, Literature, Government, Composition, Agriculture, Religion, Science, Economics, and more. As your students study, they will have a number of valuable experiences. They will write essays, summaries, and editorials. They will have the opportunity to publish their work online. They will dramatize and teach others. These activities will develop their ability to think, which is an asset that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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 How to Use this Book ( 42 pages!)

 Introduction, Objectives, Resources (Unit 1: Adam to Abraham Unit Study)

v Persia (Unit 2: Mesopotamia Unit Study)

 Mummies (Unit 3: Ancient Egypt Unit Study)

 Plagues ( Unit 3: Ancient Egypt Unit Study)

 Covenant (Unit 4: Ancient Israel Unit Study)

 Timeline (Unit 5: Ancient Greece Unit Study)

 Greek Education (Unit 5: Ancient Greece Unit Study)

 Birth of Christianity (Unit 6: Ancient Rome Unit Study)

Each Unit Includes:




 Annotated Resource Lists (books, Internet sites, videos, software,etc)

 20 to 40 Four-Step Lessons

Each Lesson Includes:


There  are four basic steps in each Heart of Wisdom Unit Study lesson based on the four major learning styles. Studies show this four-step method motivates students to comprehend the material better and retain the information longer

Step 1 Excite: Create an interest

Step 2 Examine: Find out the Facts

Step 3 Expand: Do something with what was learned

Step 4 Excel:Pull everything together and share with someome

Internet Links Include:


Each Heart of Wisdom Unit Study contains URL links which will take you:

 Bible Studies

 Bible Study Tools

 Video Clips

 Free Online Books


 Craft Instructions






 Relevant Articles

 Writing Instruction





 and mor

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Homeschool Magazine Reviews

Heidi Shaw, The Old SchoolHouse Magazine

"Bible First! Yes, even with history! I love this program for many reasons but this is #1. I think I may be like some home school moms who want to integrate Bible with our daily lessons, but somehow it keeps getting squeezed out by the world’s definition of the ‘necessary’. Robin Sampson has refocused my vision and made me see how truly possible it is to incorporate and make a priority of studying the Bible along with our other subjects...Every time I open this binder I get excited. The potential and the possibilities for learning just jump out at me every time. For those who love classical education, or Charlotte Mason advocates, any of the units in this binder would supply you with ample materials for a good long while..." . click to see full review

Eclectic Homeschool Online

Masterfully authored by Robin Samson, Ancient History: Adam to Messiah offers 787 pages of the most exciting, challenging, real life, Biblical learning adventures divided into 7 unit studies that are sure to transport both teacher and student back to when time began!...Using The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach and the Internet you can open the minds, and more importantly the hearts, of your 4th - 12th grade students to God's Word as never before. While covering a time frame from Creation through the time of Christ, they will learn how to study, write, research, and reason through a wide variety of subjects such as Bible, world history, geography, literature, government, composition, agriculture, religion, science, economics, and art history. click to see full review

Mary Pride, Practical Homeschooling Magazine

"This is not your ordinary history text. Your child will walk away from these unit studies with a Biblical view of history from creation to Christ...".click to see full review

Cathy Duffy, Christian Homeschool Manual

At 787-pages, this single volume is loaded with information...I applaud Robin’s courage in creating a curriculum that challenges popular wisdom about what students should learn. She also offers plenty of suggestions—more than you can use in a single year—for resources and activities so you can tailor the study as you please and meet the needs of each of your children..."click to see full review

"With the current interest in classical studies and their chronological history studies, many Christian homeschoolers are wondering to what degree studying the cultures of the ancient world should be included in their curricula. Concerned about the pagan worldview upon which the Greeks and Romans based their beliefs and practices, homeschoolers are torn between academic excellence and honoring God's command to have nothing to do with paganism... Heart of Wisdom units present history from a biblical worldview based on bible narratives with corresponding global events...Robin Sampson has created an excellent curriculum. The introductory information explaining how to use the book is concise and easy to understand, and the layout of the book is consistent and well-organized. Ancient History: Adam to Messiah is a refreshing unit study curriculum that will delight anyone interested in history unit studies with a biblical worldview..." click to see full review


Customer Reviews

"Your work is brilliant!!! I have researched your work for the past few months. I like to use the Charlotte Mason method and find your curriculum MOST informative... "

"We have studied ancient history, but never like this before... We have studied Egypt, The Greeks, etc but I was always left wondering where God's people were at and what they were doing during this time period...Now it's like we are studying with new eyes..."

"She [our daughter] spends hours a day on her assignments. She has learned so much about God and his word and His world..."

"...You have done a fantastic job creating a God centered history curriculum.."

"The books Robin has written and the resources that are shared within HOW are phenomenal.."

"I was drawn to these studies because of the focus on the Bible. But quite honestly, what is keeping me is the quality of content and the ease in lesson preparation!!"

"I have found that using H.O.W. has developed in my daughter a love of the bible and has made a great change in her I knew I would love the material because of my life-changing experiences with the other books by Robin. I love going deeper with my girls in the Word...I feel a real sense of purpose, vision & accomplishment."


"...My children and I LOVE it. I have never seen anything quite like it. It is so wonderful to be able to use something where the children (and myself!) not only research historical events, but discover scriptural truth and evidence in them also. It is so fascinating! "

"I L-O-V-E it. I am praising God for this marvelous curriculum!"


Author: Janie -
I used Sonlight as a beginning homeschooler and appreciated the layout of timing & material usage (& the wonderful books), however; the H.O.W. focus point reaches for a greater depth in the study of and relationship with God that is precious to my soul and to the heart and focus of my family. THIS (H.O.W.)is the way the Creator of my family has beckoned my heart to rear these children I'm blessed to have. Thank you, Robin, for obeying the Creator in your responsibility with H.O.W. so that I, in turn, can obey Him in my responsibility with my children. This curriculum achieves the high hope my heart held for our homeschooling experience and my personal experience as a mother and a
n ever-learning believer. Importantly, too, lessons are already planned out for easy preparation. What a joy I count it all!

I L-O-V-E it. I am praising God for this marvelous curriculum! I am thanking Him for your steadfastness and dedication! Thank you to you, too! This is just what I have been looking for, and I am thrilled to have it available to us!! There is no labor that isn't a thousand times more than planned - I just *know* that you will be reaping HUGE blessings from your labors with HOW for a l-o-n-g time to come. On the days that it really gets too much - PLEASE remember what a HUGE blessing you are giving many sincere Moms who are VERRRRRRRRRRRRRY grateful and thanking God for your work!


Author: Homeschool family since 1991
This is a great curriculum! We have been putting together our own bible based unit studies for years. This year due to health problems and less time we would have to purchase something already laid out. I thought I would have to settle for a lesser curriculum. To our Relief this curriculum meets and perhaps exceeds our High standards by the many internet links, books lists and more.
I have easily adapted it to include our younger students too! Thanks


Author: Sarah Demarest
...Our children are 7, 8 and 9, and their 4th step includes writing assignments, penmanship, dictation, map work, drawing, coloring, study of additional resources, and the occasional "project," such as a diorama, salt dough map, or role play. THANK YOU...

Author: in Hawaii, Denise Baligad
The Heart of Wisdom Curriculum is an answer to my prayers. I totally identified with your journey and desired to teach my children (5-children 10yo and under) God's Word. Your book finally opened my eye's about what true education was-- God's wisdom.

Author: Life changing
Using HOW has been a life-changing experience for our entire family. We spend more time together in God's Word and are growing in our understanding together! Learning Israel's history has been a tremendous benefit to understanding all of history, past, present, and future. Also, learning about our Hebrew roots has brought new life to our relationship with God thru Jesus Christ. The Science Units are wonderful as well, tying it all together in the creation order. We are just beginning the Wisdom Unit and are gleaning so much already. I know that God orchestrated HOW becoming part of our homeschooling

Author: Kelly Summers
My children are 6 and 8. When I discovered your website I began praising God for His faithfulness. Everything you teach is exactly what I had been Praying and searching for.
I 've just started Adam to Abraham, and yes it is VERY easy to teach this to younger children. I am constantly amazed at how well children learn when they are challenged with truth! Thank you for All your hard work. May God continue to give you wisdom as you remain faithful to His calling!

Author: Nancy Carter (
A friend was so excited about HOW she showed a few of us moms! She showed us her notes and both of her childrens' notebooks they'd created using the techniques from HOW. My interest was piqued and I went online the next day and ordered the first unit study. Today I will be ordering the complete study Adam-Messiah. I am using it with both of my girls, ages 5 and 12. We are all learning! Thanks so much for putting this curriculum together. God bless you and your staff!

Author: Rebecca Neilson
My 16 year old has always been in Christian school until last year. He has always struggled to learn and hated school. Last year I saw him beginning to rebel like so many others his age. I did Abeka last year at home with him and he hated it too. All summer I searched the web for something better and when I finally ran across the Heart of Wisdom web site, I felt my spirit dance inside me. I knew in my spirit that this is what the Lord wanted me to do. So this year I began my son, a junior on your program and he is thriving. His moods are better. He does his school work without being asked and is eager to do it. He does not argue hardly at all. He got grounded for not finishing some work and when I told him he could not go out with his friends until he finished his work, he did not argue or nothing(it was 4 days). It just goes to show that when we do things the Lords way He blesses us. I thank God for all the work you have done on this and will be doing. May God bless you and all your gifts to His work!

Author: Renewed
We are very excited about this "renewed" style of learning and the Hebrew based education that has become the center of our lives. We are so very grateful for everything that Robin has created within Heart of Wisdom. The books she has written and the resources that are shared within HOW are phenomenal. HOW has paved the way to many an enlightened discussion in our bible studies and around our lunch and diner tables. Thank you for such enrichment.