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Holy COw DoesGod Care What We Eat

HOLY COW! Does God Care About What We Eat? Jewish believer Hope Egan's attention-grabbing personal story as she takes you on a journey through what the Bible says about eating meat.


What Your Child Needs to Know When

Review... convicting, mind-renewing read that leaves one not only informed, but challenged and focused on the Lord for His perfect direction for our children-- their hearts and mind and education. This book is worth every cent...

family guide to the biblcal holidays ebook

Teach your children the way God instructed the Hebrews to teach their children - with annual events telling the story of His people and the coming of Jesus. Like having an encyclopedia to the Bible holidays.

Was: $39.95
Now: $19.95

Receive Robin Sampson's three best sellers in one money saving package. Choose paperback or eBooks.  Click DETAILS for FREE excerpts!

Hanukkah Lapbook

Download over a dozen booklets to make a beautiful Hanukkah Scrap-Lapbook. Designed to be a thematic unit lasting the 8 days of Hanukkah. Includes Bible references and reading for eight days focusing on Christ, the Light of the World!

Passover Haggadah (Ebook)

This Haggadah is inexpensive, and functional and for a Christian Seder. This downloadable 24 page, full color booklet tells us each step of the Seder illustrating the first passover and the symbolism of Christ our Passover!

$7.00 - $12.00
Heart of WIsdom Teaching Approach Bible Based Homeschooling

This book is for all homeschoolers that want to make the Bible the center of their school day!

$17.25 - $34.95
Wisdom an Internet Linked Unit Study

Many homeschoolers are following the wrong map on their homeschool journey. They follow the state standards, curriculum scope and sequence or SAT benchmarks. This unique unit study is a map to TRUE Wisdom. eBook.


For years biblical health experts have been telling you how to think about biblical eating. Now there is a complete cookbook that helps you take action:

$14.00 - $27.00
Ancient History: Adam to Messiah Ebook

Seven Unit Studies in One Combined Volume! "We have studied ancient history, but never like this before... We have studied Egypt, The Greeks, etc but I was always left wondering where God's people were at and what they were doing during this time period...Now it's like we are studying with new eyes..."

Creation Unit Study

This Multilevel (grades 4-12), Bible-Focused, Heart of Wisdom Unit Study utilizes the Charlotte Mason approach, and the Internet! Many Christians fail to realize that the events of Genesis are literal, are historical (particularly Genesis 1-11), and are foundational to all Christian doctrine...

Messiah Unit Study Yeshua

All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in the person of the Messiah! Investigate ancient prophecies, hidden wisdom, in this unit study.


If you’re looking for a book that will help you celebrate and inspire writing at home, then NURTURING THE WRITE RELATIONSHIP is a must have! In this creative piece, you won’t find formal instructions on the nuts and bolts of teaching writing, but instead you’ll find valuable insight on the hows and whys of writing!

$9.95 - $19.95
ancient egypt unit study

It is impossible to properly understand the history of God's people without knowing something of ancient Egypt. For contents and sample lessons click on the book.

$15.00 - $22.00
Light Unit Study

Enrich your childrens' lives with Light "this unit study reveals the mysteries of the light which God created for us. You'll begin with God's words, "Let there be light," then embark on a fascinating journey through the centuries, as His children discover the physical properties of light while they come to understand that the character of God can be comprehended by observing what light is and what it does.

ancient israle unit study

As we study how God has dealt redemptively with the Hebrews, our spiritual ancestors by faith, we gain insight into the plans and purposes of God. See contents and sample pages by clicking on the book.


Energy Unit Study, types of energy, energy sources, energy theme, energy experiments. This physical science unit is a thematic and inquiry based study, certain process skills are woven throughout.

Books of the Bible Lapbook Game

This is a file folder game or lapbook game to learn the books of the Bible. It includes 84 Bible trivia questions (easy and medium levels) and blank cards to make your own questions. Availble to download and assemble. Players learn the 66 books of the Bible and the 10 divsions without knowing they are learning.

Was: $5.00
Now: $0.00
scrap lap book kit colored

This browns, oranges and teal colors can be used for almost any lap book. No flower or feminine touches here.  It includes 25 easy to cut and fold mini books on various shapes and sizes.

Ancient greece lap book

The Ancient Greece  Scrap-Lap Book Kit is in burnt orange, browns and blues.   It can be used with any unit study, curriculum or text book.