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Robin Sampson
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Three Homeschool Best-Sellers

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The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach

Heart of Wisdom Teaching ApproachThe Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is for all homeschoolers that want to make the Bible the center of their school day. This giant 500+ page book provides you with the methods, program, and resources for a course of study where students spend half the school day studying God's Word and the other half studying God's world (academics). Students study history chronologically and science in the order of the days of creation.

This book will encourage, motivate you and instruct you, step by step, how to give your child a Bible focused, comprehensive education from preschool through high school; one that will train him or her to read, to study, to understand, to love to learn and most importantly to desire and seek true wisdom. This approach can be used for all grade levels. Read reviews and sample pages at the bottom of this page .Click here for more details

homeschool Free 60 Page Excerpt from this 500 page book

What Your Child Needs to Know When

Concerned homeschooling parents are always asking "Am I doing enough?" This book answers this question and includes the checklists for academic evaluation for each grade K-8 and much more. Robin explains our children need to obtain academic knowledge, but, more importantly, they need to acquire the wisdom to know how to use the knowledge!

“You may be interested in this book because it includes the state standards but you will come away from it inspired to rely on God’s standards!” Academic standards should not be separated from spiritual standards!

We need to teach the whole child according to the child's individual God-given gifts. True wisdom progresses beyond intellectual pursuit; it is practical. The goals outlined in this book will help you prepare, teach, and evaluate your children from a Biblical world view. It will also advise you in helping them become self-motivated, lifelong learners. Click here for more details.

homeschool Excerpt 1 (10 pages) homeschool Excerpt 2 (9 pages)

Wisdom: An Internet-Linked Unit Study

Wisdom Unit StudyThe Bible views man as a unified whole, never separating academic learning from spiritual wisdom. Is your homeschooling on the right path? Are you reaching for the right goal? It does not matter how hard you try or how diligent you are if you don’t have the right directions. Are you headed in the right direction? Suppose you wanted to go to a city in Texas but you were given a map to Florida mislabeled Texas? Following the directions would not work even if you changed your tried harder, or increased your speed. You would still be lost! The problem is not your attitude or effort. The problem is you have the wrong map.

Many homeschoolers are following the wrong map on their homeschool journey. They follow the state standards, curriculum scope and sequence or SAT benchmarks. This unique unit study is a map to TRUE Wisdom. A map is not a territory it is explanation of certain aspects of a territory. In this study you will learn that true wisdom is understanding and knowing God. The moment we understand and know God--we begin to see His holiness--we see His purposes, His love for men; we know who God is, so there's never any hesitation to obey Him. Click here for more details.

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Customer Reviews


Of all the books I have read on homeschooling this book is a 5 star! plus.

I used Robin's new book to introduce my son to the approach and also to help me to use the HOW Approach. I am writing my own lessons using the HOW approach as my son has hearing lost and I am deaf (oral/verbal), I also use hearing aids and have limited hearing.

You will not be disappointed with the book. The book has really help me in improving the way I teach and also what I teach and how not to worry about when my son learns something. Just because He doesn't learn something in 2nd grade, doesn't mean he can't do it in 3rd grade. Most schools here in Indiana teach the state history (required) in the 4th grade. I don't have to do it in his 4 grade year, but can do it now or when he is in 5 or 6 or 7 th grades. As longs as he does do it.

All I do is help him learn and let him learn at his pace and when he is ready for something, he does it with delight! Our homeschool experience is much better and most of all I am not burned out as I was last year. I am even experience much delight in our lessons and have learned a few things myself.

lisa fenwick (
WOW - Down to earth yet Heaven sent - thank you!!

Michelle R.
Thank you for your encouraging sample pages. It's been really hard homeschooling my 5 children and I know the Lord has put it on my heart two years ago to do this and I haven't been doing well with this. I have been using textbooks and the kids think its too hard and boring and don't want to do it. My dad gave me this book called"Things we wish we'd known" and I had it since Dec. but just read it a month ago.  I read your article in it and I loved it! I looked up your website on heart of wisdom and teared up because this is what I have been looking for. Praise the Lord! Now this is my answered prayer. This is perfect for all my children to enjoy and have fun.

Helen J. Marshall
This book is a must-read for Christian homeschool teachers. With dedicated prayer and insight, Robin Sampson has created a new approach to teaching that filters every subject through the Bible. The framework she provides at first seems complex, but after immersing yourself in it for a few days it becomes very clear and logical. I am so excited about this new school year and I am certain I will learn as much as my kids. That's one of the best things about this approach. It is applicable to you as well as to your students. It allows lots of room for creativity with options for scrapbooking, drawing, writing and anything else that can be documented for a portfolio. Even instituting a portion of the suggestions made in this book will revitalize your Christian homeschool and alleviate burnout for you, the teacher.

Cherrie Johnson

I say WOW after reading HOW. I feel blessed to have stumbled across this book because for me it has been a prayer answered. I found it while looking for information on how to apply the Charlotte Mason teaching method.

I withdrew my son from school and started home-schooling him with little warning and no planning. Although I knew this was the right decision it left me in a difficult position. I either had time to research how and what to teach him or to teach him but not both at the same time.
The HOWTA has given me a frame on which to mount the canvas of our home-schooling. There are many great points about this method but there are two in particular which I love. The first is that is has such a sound biblical base - which is something which is so important to both myself and my son. This really shows through in all subjects. The other really wonderful thing is that I am inclined to go for a delight driven approach but sometimes lack confidence in this as it has no structure and is very difficult to plan round or collect resources for in advance.

The HOWTA has given me the confidence that I lacked because it shows how to follow the delight driven path while being within a structure. And because it is a biblical structure I feel comfortable and secure using it. I have since purchased other items by Robin Sampson and was not disappointed and I plan to buy more as our home-school journey progresses.

Stephani N. Whitaker
WOW! I am sooo excited about using HOW this year. At the end of spring I began praying about what the Lord would have me use for curr. this year. I was thoroughly researching the Veritas Press and HOW; after reading all I could about veritas and the HOW book, I have a firm conviction that the Lord wants us to use the HOW for our family from now on! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the knowledge and wisdom that I have gleaned from reading Sections 1 and 2 about rethinking Christian education. It has really been a blessing to be challenged to think about the methods by which we educate our children. I truly desire to pull away from the Greek and secular worlviews of teaching and to embrace a more Hebraic way of educating. There is so much to learn and I know that Robin Sampson has worked very hard to create such a through resource; but I am very anxious to begin learning with my children all the things that I was not taught in my education; wisdom!!!!!!! A must read for any homeschool parent!!!!!!!!!

P. Weed
While reading this book I kept telling myself, "This is what I wanted/hoped for when I started Homeschooling!". I am so glad I have found it now. I love the 4 Mat system and Robin's use of it in her unit studies. She goes into detail of how you can use her unit studies, make your own, or implement someone else's. It fits everyone's needs who wants a biblical based education for their children. Even if you don't want a biblical based education it goes in depth of how to create a unit study of an area where your child shows delight (good example of a horse study). If you are new to homeschooling it helps support your decision and gives resources for you to use that have taken veteran homeschoolers years to discover. It gives you the best of the best!

Stephanie F.
This book is a gem! After homeschooling for six years I was needing a new focus. HOW is it! Unlike many books on the subject this is invaluable to both the new and the seasoned homeschool family. It energized us and gave the Biblical focus that we were searching for all along. Robin's writing style helps explain her approach to unit studies as well as the Hebraic method in a conversational way. It makes you feel like your having tea with a friend! Her reasoning is solid and her explanations clear. This is a must read for those looking at unit studies for the first time, those needing a jolt of the Spirit in their lessons, or those just wanting a change. It's definitely at DELIGHT!

Peggy Lago
I wanted to write you a note of encouragement today. I recently bought and received your book "What Your Child Needs to Know When."

I have to tell you that it is much more than the catalogs describe it as.

I have been wanting to run our school days in a different way (with more emphasis on scripture), but didn't really know how to change my rigid-schedule-ways, and didn't have the courage to do so for a long time. Even though most of our curriculum (if not all of it) is Biblically-based, it just wasn't enough for me, or at least not the way that I wanted things.

It has seemed to me in the past that if I didn't run a tightly scheduled ship, that things would run amuck, get out of hand, and that the kids just didn't seem to get their things done by the end of the day when left to work at their own pace. To avoid seeing some child aimlessly walking around, or wasting time, I decided long ago that we would have a schedule to go by to keep them focused. However, I have never really liked it!

I want to be Spirit-led in my schooling. I have read some things that started me thinking of how I could get going in the direction I so desired. The thing that helped me do it was your book! I loved the philosophy of teaching and the example of what a typical day might be like for you.

God must have really got a hold of me then and things have been really different in our house! If we weren't done with Bible by 8:30 before, I would announce it was time for math! (Sad, Huh?) Now, we start Bible maybe by 8 or 8:30 and sometimes go until 10 or 10:30! And the most exciting thing about it is that after Bible ( worship, and memory verses, and much discussion), the kids seem to go on their way and get their work done better and more quickly than before. It has been astounding to me that they get done sooner than before!

Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and for being an example to me. My husband and I are first generation Christians, and I am always blessed by Titus 2 kind of women, even after being a believer for 17 years, married for 14, and with four children of my own.

 Regina Ulmer,
I'm currently reading your book What Your Child Needs to Know When and it is EXCELLENT!!, and I can't wait to begin the Heart of Wisdom teaching approach. I felt like it was an answer to prayer when I read about it. Keep up the great work and may God bless you!!

Happy Customer
I bought your "What Your Child Needs to Know When" updated, years ago and recently brought it down to reread it. I didn't have benefit of reading the first edition but appreciate your admitting to stepping down from earlier conceptions of what is acceptable, grade level,even Biblical or Greek in reference to those timetables we all have whirling in our heads.

One confirmation God often gives me that I am plodding along the path intended for my family (OK perhaps not the path but at least on the map somewhere) is continued revelation to just how faulty my conception of education is was and continues to be and how HE continues to encourage my enlightenment despite my relentless insistence on using the compass rose of others. Thanks again Robin!

Lee Ann
I loved the "What Your Child Should Know When" book. I was feeling more and more freedom as a Mom/Educator and growing to understand even more fully, WHO I AM as a Christian! (Geez, I'm 38, it takes soo long, it seems)...
I have recommended these materials to mothers over and over and over! I love going deeper with my girls in the Word. This was lacking terribly for our first 3 years, but I didn't really 'get' what was discouraging me so. Now, I feel a real sense of purpose, vision and accomplishment. I praise God for how we are growing. I know we are just scratching the surface on all He has to teach and show us. Worship time is also very important to us, and that has gotten put aside a little for this, so i need balance. .... We just love it!

 Joy Lynn Martin
Well, glory be to God! I am very encouraged by all these great reviews. I am getting very excited about the fact that my children our coming out of public school and the one year we did homeschool before I had to go to work...well, I didn't have any money and I prayed asked God "what do i do to teach them"? He told me to use the Bible! "That will get you revelating"! I'm still poor, but God knows how to provide and I will be ordering your book "What Your Child Needs to Know and When" as soon as I possibly can. Please, pray for us as we are preparing to have our precious gifts home with me again full-time. The home is truly the God given place for learning. Fact! I can hardly wait Robin, and I haven't even read it yet! Love and Prayers.. Joy

near muse
One is said to need to run in another's shoes in order to be qualified to judge them. But...
my summary of Robin's fine book, What Your Child Needs to Know When, is in the form of a running metaphor: When you are challenged by the world to compete in its race, don't fall to thinking that you ought best use shoes, track, stopwatch, and finish line, that are approved by the world. The world's standards are both wrong and too low.

I've been home schooling for 20 years and I didn't fully realize why God wanted me to home school until I got your material. I still have several children at home so I'm excited that I can spend time with them learning what God wants us to learn and that is more in depth in His Word!

I didn't realize what the book What Your Child Needs to Know When was all about when I bought it. What can I say...curriculum shopping with 4 children.

The book is so much more than I was expecting. I haven't even actually "read" it....I read the first chapter and then skimmed through the rest of the book and just WOW! I think this is for which I have been desperately searching.

I have really been looking for something that would teach all of us (children and parents) how to fully integrate our beliefs into everything...making the Bible the basis...not just merely an occasional inflection or stand-alone-ish subject.

Anyway, I am really excited about the things I have seen so far in the book.


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