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Bible Animals Coloring Book

***NOW 50% OFF*** What kinds of animals are mentioned in the Bible? Do you know what a behemoth is? What about a hyrax? Learn this and more to make Torah reading (especially Leviticus 11) easier to understand! Digital Download. 62 pages.


***NOW 50% OFF*** What kinds of foods are mentioned in the Bible? Did you know the Bible talks about melons and grape juice? Maybe your favorite foods are listed! 44 pages. Digital Download.


This 80-page coloring book teaches your child the basics of clean and unclean animal identification as you learn your way together through Leviticus 11. Written by the Larson Family.


Restoring the Way Ministries is happy to bring this colorful set of five Level1 Conversational Hebrew Readers. In "Shalom" you will learn how to say "Hello" or "Goodbye" to different animals at the zoo. In "Ma sh'lomcha? Ma sh'lomech" you will learn how to ask and answer questions relating to how you are feeling. In "Laila tov and "Boker tov" you will learn how to greet relatives and friends in the evening and the morning. Finally, in "Ma shimcha" you will learn how to ask someone's name and also the names of animals around the farm. Each booklet contains Hebrew block style with nikkud (vowel points) for easy pronunciation. Hebrew transliteration (pronunciation clues) are also included. Each colorful booklet is 6 pages long and is formatted to print onto letter-sized paper, two sided, then folded in half to create a 12-page booklet. Our Hebrew readers open and close like Hebrew books so don't be alarmed if you see it is "backward" from what you're used to with American books. eBook download of 5 books is .ZIP formatted for your convenience.

FREE Little Holy Day Rebus Booklets

These simple four page rebus booklets help pre-readers to "read" along with a parent/caregiver.  There is one for each of the seven festivals/feasts of YHWH. 14 pages.


This 32 page book is a coloring book and Bible study about GIVING and CARING. We celebrate the Feast of Lots (Purim) with GIVING to OTHERS. This coloring book explores the scriptures and shows children where to find the scriptures about these topics.Digital Download.


Enjoy our fun booklet that includes five ways to Celebrate Chanukah! Bible Study and inspirational book. 18 pages of scriptural inspiration for the entire family as the Allen Family shares five unique ways to celebrate this great meaningful holiday. Digital Download.

Hebrew Handwriting 1

This 62-page book includes each parsha name of the annual Torah cycle. Students write the parsha name on each line. Includes optional coloring areas. Digital Download.

Hebrew Handwriting Primer

This 28 page booklet teaches children how to write and recognize the consonants of the ALEF BET. Includes coloring page and verses with fill-in-the blank lessons. Digital Download.


Learn Yeshua's Prayer from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6 with this coloring book! 18 pages. Digital Download E-book.


In Bubbe's Kitchen; Enjoying the Sweetness of YHVH's Word on Shavuot by Julie Allen is a 44-page combination coloring and cook book which is sure to add fun and sweetness to your Shavuot celebration! This book features lots of dairy recipes! Cheesecakes, blintzes, ice cream in a bag, and lots more easy-to-make recipes will keep little hands involved in even the smallest of Shavuot celebrations. Chag Sameach Shavuot! Have a joyous Feast of Weeks. Digital download/ebook.


Aprender las Bienaventuranzas enseñadas por Yeshua en el Sermón de la Montaña. Libro para colorear. 22 páginas.


Aprender cada una de las parábolas de Yeshúa desde una perspectiva mesiánica, que el color de este libro! 44 páginas. Peine obligado.


Count to 50 and find where these numbers appear in scripture with this 56 page coloring book for counting the OMER. Digital Download.


¿Qué tipo de animales son mencionados en la bilis? ¿Sabes lo que es un gigante? ¿Qué pasa con un Hyrax? Aprender esto y mucho más para hacer lectura de la Torá (especialmente Levítico 11) más fácil de entender! . 62 páginas.

Messianic Bar and Bat Mitzvah Workbook

Have a teen getting ready for Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Looking for a Bar and Bat Mitzvah curriculum that is Messianic? Look no further.

Messianic Foundation of Faith

This foundations course takes you through 14 lessons dealing with subjects like: Under grace and not the law, The Biblical definition of sin, The Law in the New Testament, Being grafted in, What is the Torah, and so much more...