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Bless You Dr John Garr

Restore this vital part from the Hebraic faith of Jesus and the apostles and bring God's blessing upon yourself and your family. Don't miss the amazing blessing of Bless You!


Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to recover one of the foundational parts of your biblically Hebraic heritage in the faith of Jesus!

Femininine by Design God's Plan for Women

Unfortunately, much of Christianity has come under the influence of perverse perspectives about women, due to the Hellenization and Latinization of the faith. The viewpoint of the Jewish community, as well as the Messiah, has been far different, according respect for women. CLICK ON BOOK FOR MORE. 


Should be required reading for every Christian. Whether you are a woman or a man, this book will literally set you free, challenging you to think and to act on divine truths from the Hebraic foundations of your faith. Click  the book for details and free excerpts. 

GOds Lamp Mans Light Dr John Garr

This is a KEY resource for the Heart of Wisdom Light Unit Study. God's Lamp, Man's Light is a masterful analysis of the menorah, the only biblical symbol that has the distinction of being designed by God himself.

John Garr Discount Package

Some of the best books on Hebrew roots now available in a discount package. Each of these is a must have for your Hebrew troots library!


Recognizing the historical and spiritual truths represented by the symbols of the Hebrew Scriptures is a profound means of underscoring the historical and theological truth of Christianity's Jewish connection.

Our Lost Legacy

For the past nineteen centuries, millions of believers have been denied their biblical legacy, the riches of the Hebrew foundations of their faith. Christian Judaeophobia, anti-Judaism, and anti-Semitism have conspired to rob them of the treasures of their inheritance.

Touching the Hem: Jesus and the Prayer dr John Garr

A comprehensive study of the long and interesting Jewish tallit tradition. "If I can but touch the Hem of his Garment . . ."